MouseHunt AutoBot 1.9 Updated

I guess the description of short and simple user script no longer fit well for AutoBot script because of the fast pace update and the code is getting more lengthy and complicated. Version 1.9 should be stable and safe enough to use on all 3 browsers (Firefox, Opera & Chrome)…

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About Ooi Keng Siang
My name is Keng Siang, a student who undergo Master degree at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). At the same time I’m also part of the Microsoft Student Partners program. I’m also a graduate Computer Sciences student from USM in year 2009. I like to explore and learn new technologies in the world of computer. I spend most of my time on the Internet, learning technologies that interest me, social networking, debugging my software and etc. I like to play game too.

27 Responses to MouseHunt AutoBot 1.9 Updated

  1. Mousehunter says:

    Where’s the link so that I can install it?

  2. Jay says:

    isit me or isit that the website for the download is damn slow

  3. Alex says:

    May i ask where can i find the source to develop the web browser autobot functions?

    • There is no actual source that teach you how to create a bot, but you can learn user scripting which is a scripting language that can customize the page you want.

  4. Weilong says:

    Hey.. The link isn’t updated to 1.9 yet.. its still 1.14 ):

  5. azaleth says:

    where can i find the 1.9 version ? the userscripts site has as far the 1.14

  6. jamesg123 says:

    i want to try it on my hi5 account but does it affect my facebook account?

  7. Alex says:

    Can we put our computer on standby mode while botting? Or must we on the computer in order to bot?

  8. hunter says:

    y i cant install it? whn i press instal i saw this
    any solution?

  9. MouseKiller says:

    The link isn’t updated to 1.9 yet.. its still 1.17

  10. hunter says:

    where’s the link?

  11. ANoob says:

    is this a legal thing to use?

  12. HermannOhzj says:

    Hey. I’ve clicked the link and it seems that it leads me back to an older version, the link has not been updated to version 1.9 yet:/

  13. yao says:

    keng siang, i think mousehunt found a way 2 disable dis autobot. Right??

  14. Mizori Rainer says:

    will u get BANNED?
    my acc is pro and i dont wan it to b banned sia’

  15. brandon says:

    hi problem with this script once updated google chrome to chrome 11

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