MouseHunt AutoBot 1.17 (MouseHunt Offside Page Supported)

Tired of MouseHunt in Facebook or Facebook got blocked in your network? Playing Mousehunt at Mousehunt offside page ( but need to sound the horn yourself alone? Now MouseHunt AutoBot 1.17 supported 3 major platforms, Facebook, Hi5 and MouseHunt Offside Page…

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by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog


About Ooi Keng Siang
My name is Keng Siang, a student who undergo Master degree at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). At the same time I’m also part of the Microsoft Student Partners program. I’m also a graduate Computer Sciences student from USM in year 2009. I like to explore and learn new technologies in the world of computer. I spend most of my time on the Internet, learning technologies that interest me, social networking, debugging my software and etc. I like to play game too.

10 Responses to MouseHunt AutoBot 1.17 (MouseHunt Offside Page Supported)

  1. Thomas says:

    suddenly my bot doesnt work and says fail to retrieve data

  2. Norman Ng says:

    Um Dear sir how do i define the extra time i want to add cause now sometimes the bot can give a random time of up to 2 mins also how do i put my check trap time .
    “Automatically sound horn when time’s up with extra random time define by user”
    Please Reply thx.

  3. Joe says:

    Thanks bro 😉

  4. darkk says:

    Hey there!

    There’s trouble in paradise. Recent update on MH, make your script didn’t work. I hope you can update this. Thanks in advance! 😀

  5. Ice says:

    Hey er I’ve been using your bot for 3 days; it has been rather reliable. But when I left it overnight on April 1 to April 2, there was no sounding… And I did not encounter King’s Reward. It is not because of the FB update, because after the update, the bot still sounded once before I slept. My computer was put in the same circumstances as the other nights I botted. Please fix this… Thanks 😀

  6. Ken says:

    K.S yo! Update your bot please. thanks bro! i’ll be expecting it later/tom/nextday 🙂

  7. WJ says:

    Yup having same issue as Ice. No King’s Reward encountered for the whole day.. =X. And the bot will stop occasionally.. requires a refresh haha.

    But overall good job man ~ ^^

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