MouseHunt AutoBot 1.18 (Facebook Recent Update Fix)

If you are player of MouseHunt in Facebook, you will notice the bot no longer running correctly since 2nd of April when the developer of MouseHunt release the new version of update…

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by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog


About Ooi Keng Siang
My name is Keng Siang, a student who undergo Master degree at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). At the same time I’m also part of the Microsoft Student Partners program. I’m also a graduate Computer Sciences student from USM in year 2009. I like to explore and learn new technologies in the world of computer. I spend most of my time on the Internet, learning technologies that interest me, social networking, debugging my software and etc. I like to play game too.

18 Responses to MouseHunt AutoBot 1.18 (Facebook Recent Update Fix)

  1. Norman Ng says:

    Thx a lot great update

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  3. ako bala says:

    Mr. Ooi Keng.. i cant connect to the new website of mousehunt.. i’m still on|zsiOZ5xoDmSyHpSrJFXQaW3ZmBQ everytime i click on camp button.. i cant sound the horn.. 😦 how can i connect to the new site? please help.. hoping for your reply as soon as possible.. thank you.. more power sir

  4. Awesomedude says:

    how can you edit the script? i click to edit but a pop up comes up that asks me if i want to download the script again

    • You need to select a program to open the script for the first time. The most simple way is to use C:/Windows/notepad.exe to open the script for edit.

  5. Ice says:

    Hi I like your bot, been using it for a few days and quite satisfied with the results. I updated to Version 1.18, it also worked. Thanks.
    However… Yesterday while I slept, the bot sounded for me for about one more hour until one of my friends fit in his horn timing so nicely that I went on a hunt with him. After that, the bot did not sound. Is there a prob with interruption from other friends? Please check, thanks 😀
    Other than that your bot is awesome

  6. IpohKia says:

    hi ooi, i wanna ask, when the dev 1st patch fb for some integration purpose, i went to to bot and the bot (1.17) worked fine there, and i dn encounter any king reward…is it the new feature where king reward is less/not encountered or is it don prompt u for king reward??

    besides, i wanna noe, is king reward a bot catching prompt??

    • King Reward is disable by MouseHunt developer currently, and the reason is unknown.
      Yew, the original intention of King’s Reward is to stop user from user script to auto sound the horn.

      • IpohKia says:

        i see..thanks for the info…and thx for the script great job…but will be waiting til the balanced version is out as in til the king reward is fixed =)

  7. Emily Soon says:

    i cant seem to install it in my google chrome. everytime i pull it over to the new tab the whole script appears n there r no prompts to ask me to install. any alternate way? thx. =)

  8. Awesomedude says:

    does your computer and the mousehunt camp page have to be open and active for the script to work? my computer went to sleep last night and i didnt have any horn sounds overnight. also, do i need to edit the script at all to optimize the results( e.g. edit my trap check time)? by the way great work on this script

    • Yes, you need to have your computer and browser running in order for it to work.
      The script is generally enough for normal use, unless you need other feature, then you only want to edit the script.
      Thanks for your support.

  9. SpitFire says:

    Awesome MH tool. xD

    Was wondering can the tool be further improved to solve the Kings Reward without the user being active. Moreover, on average how many times would a user encounter the Reward.
    Anywaz, thank you very much for the tool.

    Sincerely, Spitfire

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