MouseHunt AutoBot 1.19

Another big update for MouseHunt AutoBot. A lot of things get fixed since the changes in Facebook. The script should get more stable than 1.18. I notice there is a problem on Google Chrome web browser…

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About Ooi Keng Siang
My name is Keng Siang, a student who undergo Master degree at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). At the same time I’m also part of the Microsoft Student Partners program. I’m also a graduate Computer Sciences student from USM in year 2009. I like to explore and learn new technologies in the world of computer. I spend most of my time on the Internet, learning technologies that interest me, social networking, debugging my software and etc. I like to play game too.

27 Responses to MouseHunt AutoBot 1.19

  1. WJ says:

    It is working perfectly fine =D . Thanks alot dude (Y)

    There’s this sentence above the autohorn >> Timer cannot show on title page. You can run MouseHunt without iFrame (Facebook) to enable timer on title page.

    Is it related to the autohorn or the mousehunt app ?

  2. WJ says:

    Oh i see. i get it now. The timer is the one shown on the browser tabs.. haha ^^

  3. BS says:

    Just an idea because I don’t know how hard this would be but is it possible to get a text message letting you know when a kings reward is reccognized?

  4. IpohKia says:

    hey, i dono is this coincidence or my internet line dat slows down the MH horn timer….because once i installed the 1.19 script, the script timer and the MH timer is constantly out of sync..i havent been facing this problem when i use 1.17 previously…happens once i installed 1.19 today…any ideas ooi??

    • IpohKia says:

      oh ya, i just wanna know, when the script’s timer is up and the horn image is nt showned/not found, the timer will result in another 15mins cycle…is there a variable slot i can modify it to cycle 60seconds if horn is not found??

      • Did the timer show “Hunter horn not found. Synchronizing data…”?

      • IpohKia says:

        yea it did, then it just run another 15mins countdown, but then usually the horn image shows about 10-15secs later so i don need such a long cd…anyway to modify it?

      • I see.
        I think is not easy to fix that for your case.
        What you can do is, add more hornTimeDelayMin so that it will have make sure the timer will only run off after the horn image appear or use Aggressive Mode as aggressive mode no longer check whatever the horn image is there or not.

      • IpohKia says:

        i see…looks like increasing the delaytimemin is the only option then…i don dare to turn on aggressive mode…since its so aggresive lol..din wan to get caught haha

  5. BS says:

    Hey I just don’t know how to switch to aggressive mode and was wondering if could let me know?

  6. Kimono38 says:

    Thanks for the release 🙂

  7. voony says:

    broken link cant download

  8. voony says:

    thx works now

  9. Malaysia007 says:

    Hey thank you very much for being still with us eventhough you are not playing mousehunt anymore. I’ve been using your script for a long time already and yes, your script is the best compared to others, hands down.

    Take care buddy.

    Malaysia boleh, hahaha!

    • Thanks for your support.
      Yes, I’m a Malaysian, some how many users think I’m a Singaporean.

      • Malaysia007 says:

        Well most people in the west dont even know where Malaysia is, but Singapore, and to be frank, they dont even know Malaysia exists, haha..

  10. Arzine says:

    alright erm how can i turn on aggressive mode?

  11. Thomas says:

    it seems that dragging the js file onto google chrome cant work.
    everytime i do that it just open the script in text format in my chrome any advise?

  12. zick says:

    how can i change the time delay? it is increasing every time it sounded…

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