Install / Uninstall User Script on Opera

I decided to write a simple guide on how to install and uninstall user script on Opera after many users keep on asking the same question…

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by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

Fall in Love with Opera 10.50

Since Opera 10.50 release, I have been using it until today. I’m very happy with it so far. Previously I never use Opera more than 3 days because I don’t found anything that interest me to continue. Although Opera doesn’t render web page as fast as Google Chrome (Opera consider fast enough for me) or have many add-on like Firefox (Opera already build-in a lot of useful add-on found in Firefox), but it do have some unique features that cannot found in other web browser.

Pin Tab

A simple function that allow user to pin important / frequents use tab to prevent user from close it unintentionally. This might not be useful for most of the user if the tab is closed unintentionally, because they can open it again. But this is very useful for slow Internet connection when user don’t want to load Gmail again and again or having something contently run on some web page.

Private  Tab

Private browsing aka porn browsing is not something new in web browser. Google Chrome and Internet Explorer can have private browsing in a new window while Firefox only let user run private browsing or non-private browsing at the same time.Opera can let user open just a single tab of private browsing beside other tab. This is very useful for some quick check up on something without leaving any trace.

Tab Preview Title

Opera has redesign the tab in Opera 10.50. The tab bar is now replace the menu bar which is similar like Google Chrome design which I love it very much. But this is not something new right? The tab in opera now also capable to show the thumbnail of the web page now is currently open. Not mouse over tab preview. This is very cool, although it is not very useful for laptop user because the screen is small, but this is surely a cool feature for desktop user. Future more, user can place the tab bar ever where user want, top, left, bottom, right.


Find function is something common and useful function in every application. I do use find function very frequent to search for thing I want in a lengthy web page. Google Chrome impress me with the word highlight on the page and on the vertical scroll bar (so I can visually know how many result found in the web page), but word highlight some time is hard to identify on the first glance because some web page is too colorful. Opera find function not just highlight the word, it also dim darker on the whole web page that make user easier to identify the highlight word.

Disable Javascript in Alert Box

This feature is not for everyone but mainly for developer. I do like to use alert box to trace my code sometime and if my code is caught in an infinite loop, I’m force to kill the whole browser. In Opera, every alert box also have a option to disable javascript which is very useful for me.

I feel like Opera is something between Google Chrome and Firefox. I still have a lot to explore in Opera. If anyone of you interest on it after reading my post, you should download one and try for yourself too.

by Ooi Keng Siang